Comprehensive Expertise and Automation for Brokerage and Portfolio Management Companies: With a deep-seated expertise in the financial sector, I specialize in the automation of brokerage and portfolio management operations. My proficiency extends to the analysis and creation of business plans and financial models, offering holistic solutions to complex challenges.

Integration with Various External Providers: I have significant experience in integrating various external providers, including KYC (Know Your Customer), payment systems, and back-office operations. This integration is crucial for streamlined, efficient, and compliant business processes.

Expertise in Algorithmic Trading Systems: One of my core competencies lies in the expertise and creation of algorithmic trading systems. These systems are designed to optimize trading strategies, reduce risks, and enhance profitability in the fast-paced financial markets.

Extensive Practical Experience: My journey in this field began in 1999 when I first assumed the role of CEO at a brokerage firm. Since then, my practical experience has continually expanded, encompassing various aspects of financial management and technological innovation in trading.